We encourage  democratic problem-solving of global issues. Educate and engage the youth of today to be leaders and world citizens - mainly through the use of digital media - so that they may understand and embrace global interdependence




Working together for the greater good

UNAGH- Netherlands is collaborating with unagh , WFUNA partners  to help us solve  problems , social conflict chieftancy affairs and  IMPROVE LIFE eradicate suffering and pain . Representatives and volunteers from these diverse organizations come together  teleconferences; together, we work to nurture and develop this  national   and global solution.

Unagh - Netherlands volunteers in Action


UNO-Netherlands 's  leadership is therefore embarking on a global campaign to take  UNA-GH To the next level of institutional governance, which will call for increased activity and support for its constituencies. Driven by this conviction, we have created the UNO NETHERLANDS Global Citizens for a Stronger UN Campaign, whose goal is to identify support both for WFUNA's institutional growth and for its programs and activities


UNO - Netherland

the privilege to transform the nation with our experience obtained in abroad , in europe we have been educated lived the life and gained more knoweleged  we are here to help them for easy and better solutions to our daily problems in the urban cities and villages and the entire nation.

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The united Nations Association of Ghana is a non profit organization that advocates, and work to achieve the goals of the United Nations.

One of our main focus is that we  work to promote peace justice and security with special emphasis .



Garstkamp 509

1103 PM.  Amsterdam. The Netherlands.

E-mail: tell : 0685199546. +31203707724

       The main activity of UNAGH NETHERLANDS  NGO

  1. UNAGH- NED :   Peace and Development.
  2. Disseminating information and educational materials about the UN
  3. Lobbying the government, political parties and interest groups in support of the UN
  4. Conducting research and academic initiatives such as Model UN conferences and seminars
  5. Motivating the media to provide frequent and accurate coverage of the UN and its programs
  6. Commemorating UN Days through public events
  7. To work towards the empowerment of vulnerable groups with view to promote gender equality.
  8. To consciously undertake projects aimed at eradicating  poverty
  9. To prevent and combat the spread of  HIV/ AIDS , Malaria and other diseases
  10. To collaborate with the world Federation of the United Nations Association (wfuna) and other united nations affiliated bodies all over the world
  11. Collaborating with other civil society organizations, local UN offices, private sector and other Partners on projects related to the   work of the UN
  12. Consciously, efficiently and effectively disseminate information about the purpose, work, achievement and challenges of the UN.



1. Coordinator -Exec management,  Alexander Frempong
2. Secretary, George Komi Avignon
3. Marketing director/manager ,  Kasum Fuseini
4. Mobilization coordinator ,  Kate Nana Mensah
5. Editor /journalist /photographer . Emmanuel Antwi
6. Public Relations Director / Manager,   Robbert Essilfie


Next make an impact

To consciously undertake projects aimed at eradicating  poverty
Your support and  donations is  a legacy to your name , Blessings and honor from Children and people far and beyond  shall be a memorable part of you  forever.